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Karpathos. An island of contrasts...
The island of Karpathos is located between the two well know Greek islands of Rhodes and Crete as part of a cluster of islands called the Dodecanese in the southeast Aegean Sea. With a history dating back to the Minoan era and Mycenean tombs and settlements going back to the second millennium B.C., Karpathos is a Greek Island that is rich in culture and traditions.
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The island offers its visitor a relaxed and quiet environment as well as the opportunity to unwind, rest and forget the everyday stress of today's way of living. Authentic pure natural beauties, unique wealth, hospitality, magnificent beaches, secluded small  bays, imposing mountain peaks and local inhabitants who dress up in their traditional costumes, are a few things you will meet in Karpathos.
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More than just the beauty that is conveyed through its traditions, Karpathos allows its natural beauty to caress your eyes. Karpathos comprises of 10 villages lived in by approximately 6,000 people total.
All villages preserve intensively the traditional style of the island.
All villages preserve intensively the traditional style of the island. Karpathos produces grapes and from these high quality wine . It also produces olive oil, honey, citrus fruits and others. The traditional folklore works of art, such at the Karpathian plates, woven fabrics and others are also products that are produced here. In the sea of Karpathos a lot of tasteful fish are fished.
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